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About Me

My background

I'm a former community banker (thirty-eight year career) and lifetime resident of Florence, Alabama. I hold a BS in economics and history from the University of North Alabama (1979), a MBA from the same institution (1989), and graduated from the United States Air Force's Officer Training School in 1982. I retired from banking in 2014 to pursue my dream of becoming a successful author.

My writing ventures

After my short story, White Flour, was published in the Savannah Anthology 2015, I was inspired to self-publish my work of creative non-fiction, Jim & Nancy: Two Paths Merged by War. My next books, Slingshot 8 and Slingshot 8: The Old World, are works of fiction. Combined, I have sold just over a thousand copies of these three books. 

I hope to publish Slingshot 8: Colony by January 2019. My goal is to complete at least four novels in the Spared Territory Series. Two pages of handwritten notes and a working title are my carrot for book four, Slingshot 8: ST Nation

My style

My impassioned writing springs from a unique imagination and the haunts of my beloved South. My intriguing characters weather violence to find romance in troubled settings, both historical and fictional. 

Spared Territory Series by Danny Creasy

These are excerpts and images from my post-apocalyptic novels, Slingshot 8 and Slingshot 8: The Old World. I suggest the viewer let the video/slideshow play through once and then pause through on subsequent passes to better read the text and appreciate the illustrations.